We launched the f***ing perfect fry!

Lamb Weston

The challenge
Frites Atelier, founded by the culinary genius Sergio Herman, is a premium fry brand in the Netherlands and Belgium. These outlets offer a sophisticated twist on the typical Dutch cafeterias, with fries as the star of the dish, accompanied by delicious sauces and luxurious toppings. Frites Atelier elevated the cafeteria concept to a premium level by introducing exclusive snacks, toppings, and sauces. After successfully launching Sergio Herman's Frites Atelier fries to consumers, it was time to make these "f***ing perfect" high-end fries available to all chefs de cuisine. And when it comes to perfection, Lamb Weston is the ideal partner for the job. Their question to us: How do you launch a product in a rather saturated market?

Our approach
We conducted thorough market research, analyzing the competitors and identifying what sets Frites Atelier apart. The partnership proposition emerged as the differentiating factor. We took the innovative DNA of both Lamb Weston and Sergio Herman as the foundation for our campaign concept. The goal was to inspire chefs and restaurant owners to challenge the status quo and reinvent the way they prepare a classic fry. We aimed to unleash their inner innovator. With "The Art of Frites," we tapped into the artistic side of chefs, encouraging creativity on the plate and the use of contemporary ingredients. We designed a premium and artistic branding, reminiscent of the old Dutch Masters.

The Outcome
This concept served as the springboard for a 360-degree rollout. From captivating campaign images to assets such as POS materials, a launch event, and a booth at the Horecava, "The Art of Frites" came to life in various forms and sizes. We structured the campaign around three key themes: artistry, craftsmanship, and innovation, empowering chefs to embrace their inner innovator. All creative assets were produced in-house, showcasing our artistic prowess. The campaign achieved a focused reach of 167,495 with a remarkable 1.04% CTR on social media. It generated 430 high-quality leads and attracted over 14,000 unique page visitors to the campaign website, surpassing our client's expectations and industry benchmarks.


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