We Connect People and Brands. For Real.

We believe in the power of empathy

For The Oval Office, empathy is so much more than a buzzword. It is the foundation of how we look at communication and create campaigns that genuinely positively impact our clients’ audiences, the planet and all people on it.

We take the time to stand in other people's shoes, to find out what drives, inspires, repels or attracts them. We embrace empathy in everything we do because it brings out the best in people, brands and employers.

Our own Empathy Value Index™ (EVI) methodology helps us boost, enhance and measure the connection between people and brands.


We connect people and brands

The world is changing. Fast. Yet the essence of good communication always remains the same: People want to feel connected. We help brands connect with people and forge lasting ties that create meaningful impact. For real.


We aim for positive impact

The world faces considerable challenges. The Oval Office wants to do their part in creating a positive impact for the planet and all its people. Our vision: using creativity, experiences and empathy to help grow new, more sustainable behaviours for all our audiences and making them attractive and fun! For real.



Born in Europe

We are proud to be born in Belgium. A diverse, creative, and quirky little country that makes the heart of Europe beat. As we grow, our agency is well positioned to reach audiences across Europe, doing our part to create a more connected, more empathetic continent.
A single 100+ strong team works together from our hubs in Brussels, Antwerp, Ghent, Amsterdam and Paris.

Our path forward transcends cultures and languages to write a common story. We cannot predict our future, but we know it will be European. Together we pursue our shared European dream with excitement, determined to make the most of it.      

Together, with love, For Real.

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