Google Cloud Sustainable IT- Decoded

Google Cloud - Sustainable IT - decoded

Empowering IT leaders to make sustainable impact

The challenge
Google Cloud, one of the world's largest cloud providers, holds ambitious sustainability goals. As it turns out, 88 percent of a company's sustainability-related decisions are influenced by IT, placing CIOs in a crucial position to drive positive change. However, the IT industry is mired in a jungle of information, with vague sustainability claims and complex terminology. This clutter makes it challenging to find reliable facts. Extensive research into the target audience revealed that IT decision-makers have limited time and prefer to be quickly informed with data, facts, and figures.

Our approach
We tackled this challenge head-on with the creation of the masterclass "Sustainable IT, Decoded." Our aim was to demystify the myths and buzzwords surrounding sustainable IT and empower leaders to understand and implement sustainable decisions. We provided them with the facts, supported by third-party perspectives, so they could confidently champion sustainability and drive innovation. Participants could test their knowledge and receive a certificate, gaining access to an exclusive knowledge hub with curated resources to further assist them in their journey towards sustainable IT.

The outcome
The platform and campaign proved highly relevant, attracting substantial traffic to the masterclass. Within the first two months, the platform welcomed tens of thousands of visitors, showcasing an impressive 84% growth in traffic. The masterclass garnered thousands of completions, and the knowledge hub saw a growing number of members. Engagement between IT decision-makers and Google Cloud and Intel experienced positive growth. The social campaign successfully achieved all key performance indicators (KPIs) and received extensive sharing by Google's leadership, external experts, and participants, especially after obtaining the certificate. The project served as a best-in-class example of implementing the newest Google Cloud brand guidelines.

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