How live events connect people with strategy and culture


Strategy Day 2023

The challenge
Every board faces the challenge of ensuring that every employee knows the company's purpose, strategy, and culture. And so it is for bol.com to share objectives, how to achieve them, and how every person can contribute to the strategy in their daily practice. We embarked on a comprehensive employee research journey to craft a future-proof, integrated communication and event framework. The research provided valuable insights that drove the decision to organize an event to share the business strategy: Strategy Day was born. It also revealed that internal events are the secret sauce for establishing a great internal vibe and connection among colleagues.

Our approach
We made bol.com's strategy tangible and showcased the exciting opportunities for employees to play an active role. The event ignited conversations, allowed bol.com'ers to engage with the strategy's core content, and inspired everyone to bring their A-game to bol.com.

Before and after the event, we engaged managers to help spread the message far and wide. Bol.com's strategic house gave birth to the concept of 'Our Housewarming.' It was a proud and informal moment to showcase how the bol.com house has become even more inviting for its residents. The interior may have received a modern update, but it still shelters the same awesome, blue-hearted people.

The outcome
Over 3,000 people joined the 'Our Housewarming' extravaganza at Tivoli, Utrecht. Together with the board, we served up two mind-blowing shows with top-notch video content, homemade music, delightful surprises, housewarming gifts, and heroic bol.com colleagues taking the stage. The three business lines each had their own room in the House, brought to life through stunning stage decor and captivating 3D visuals. Pulling off a program of this scale required extensive collaboration across almost every department at bol.com. But wow , did it pay off! The overall experience received an impressive NPS of 7.7, making it the highest-ranked internal event of the year.


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