On November 26th 2022, The Oval Office took home a total of 6 Bea-Elephants, an absolute achievement. Their case 'BMW - Moments of Inspiration' received a Gold Award, and their case 'Vies Brisées' (Shattered Lives) was the big winner with 5 awards: the Special Award for Best Creativity, the Press Award, a Grand Prix, a Silver, and a Bronze Award. The two award-winning cases come from the Belgian and French teams of The Oval Office.

CEO of The Oval Office is proud

The Bea World International Festival of Events and Live Communication took place in Rome on November 26th. The festival included the Bea World Best Event Awards, which were presented for the 17th time. The Oval Office is very proud of the awards they received. Wouter Boits, CEO of The Oval Office, said: "When you consider that our two winning projects were chosen from more than 350 cases from 32 countries, selected by a jury of 33 experienced clients, you realize the exceptional nature of this list of awards. It is truly impressive!"

5-time award winning case: Vies Brisées

The case that won many awards, called 'Vies Brisées' (Shattered Lives), consisted of an unexpected and striking art installation to alert the French to the dangers of using phones while driving. The Oval Office created a powerful exhibition in collaboration with the artist Simon Berger, known for his portraits made from shattered glass. On the screens of 5 enormous smartphones (2.5 meters high) placed on the Place de la République in Paris, the artist revealed, by breaking the glass with his hammer, the faces of traffic accident victims who lost their lives in the middle of a phone call. These intense shattered-glass portraits, displayed on smartphones, immediately evoke the shock of the accident, the shattered windshields, and the lives that have been forever changed.

Gold award winning case: Moments of Inspiration

For BMW, The Oval Office organized a launch event for the new BMW models, with special emphasis on the luxury segment. The goal was to persuade the difficult target audience for luxury cars to attend this event and discover the new models. By immersing visitors in the world of BMW and its models throughout the event, BMW was strongly linked to the world of innovation, sustainability, and luxury. The message "It's you that inspires us" had to be clearly perceptible as well. A technical setup with a complete 360° experience ensured that everyone was truly drawn into the show. The 21 cars came from all angles, surprising the guests at every moment.