For the betterment of an entire region Emphatic campaigns that celebrate the individual.

A sustainable career with a quality employer. As far as community services go, it is a lofty goal and Actiris delivers as the Brussels Employment Office. As their long term strategic partner, we communicate the strong vision that drives their every decision.

From change communication to live events great and small, we engage Actiris employees through overall experiences across multiple touchpoints that are fuelled by empathy.

We connect Actiris with Brussels' workforce. For real.


Ever considered being the face of a campaign?

Doubling in size in just a few short years can take its toll on any organisation. And if you want to guarantee a quality experience for everyone, you need to be your own strongest critic. To make this premise tangible, we delivered a highly creative campaign with an instantly recognisable look & feel and some light humour that actively involved Actiris staff.

Thanks to the right insights, co-creation, gamification, and some plain old fashioned fun, the Quality Reflex is now deeply embedded throughout the company.


Employees reached per communication


Different touchpoints


Adding value through content driven communications.

With the promise to deliver ‘quality for everyone’ underpinning their government mandate, Actiris relies on its staff to deliver. To inspire employees to add value through their individual areas of expertise we asked people to think about how they – and their colleagues – contribute to overall employment in Brussels. Personal accounts were used to create podcasts, vlogs, and in-depth interviews which were then distributed across multiple internal channels. Highlighting the importance of establishing a personal connection, the campaign is central to Actiris’ communication strategy moving forward.

“The Oval Office team managed to surprise us once again. This by digging deeper and focussing on our entire employee journey. As always, with the right mix of creativity and well thought-out strategy.”
Sander Laridon, Communication Director, Actiris