How do you surprise a target group that's already seen everything, with a new, creative and innovative interpretation of a well-know award show?

On Thursday 17th May 2018, the AMMA Awards (Annual Masters of Media Awards) was organised for the ninth time by The Oval Office, for industry association MWG.

As in previous years, this 17th edition of the prestigious AMMA awards was to honour media professionals and companies’ exceptional achievements in 2017. For The Oval Office, once again the challenge to create impact for this sponsored event with concept, creation, programme and production, on a limited budget.

This year, The Oval Office came up with the theme of the “Magic of Media” for the AMMA, presenting the magical moments of the media branch. The magic is created when everything’s right. The correct strategy, that one unique concept that fits the zeitgeist and the target group, with the right timing, smart activation… put it all together, and that’s when you get the magic. “The Magic of Media”.

Using this theme, we created numerous opportunities during the awards show to surprise (video content, music, live acts), there were lots of openings for sponsors to realise brand activations, and plenty of possibilities in terms of look & feel and communication to collaborate.

Research among visitors showed that 2018 was again a successful edition, with over 90% of the visitors being very satisfied with the network and party.