How can an annual summer-party strengthen the sense of belonging and connection within an organisation?

Every year, organises a summer party to thank its 1,650 employees for their efforts and to strengthen their sense of belonging and connection with the company. The Oval Office had already organised the summer party twice before. For this edition, we worked closely with Obsession, events and communication.

The concept ‘In a state’ was a summer experience whereby employees, both literally and figuratively, were brought into four different ‘states’. From ultimate relaxation to crazy ecstasy. Together, the four different states formed a diverse programme; the Hysterical, Energetic, Relaxed and Rebellious state featured fitting activities including an hysterical tandem race, a rebellious music quiz and a relaxing mind-gym workshop. In the evening, the party moved inside, where a line-up featuring top-class live acts made sure the evening went with a bang.

Employees were able to get together with colleagues they had not yet met, one of the most important objectives of the summer party.’s other core values were also celebrated and brought to life during the summer party. The event was rated a hefty 8 out of 10.