The key to efficient and impactful experience-driven communication lies in the combination of our different areas of expertise.


Our strategy specialists research, analyse, map, benchmark, discuss, visit, test and plan. All in the service of uncovering powerful insights that fuel the creation of impactful experiences. They invest their time in crunching numbers, doing the research, and talking to people. Whether that’s your consumers, customers, employees or stakeholders – your haters or your believers. Because by talking to people, we discover why people think what they think, or do what they do.

Our creative teams turn these insights into experiences that touch people’s emotions and add value. They come to you with a concept – for your event, activation and (digital) communication campaign.

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Kristof Snels
Kristof Snels Executive Creative and Strategic Director

Our creatives turn strategic insights into experiences that touch people’s emotions.



To engage consumers and business customers over the long term, we create integrated marketing communication campaigns that put real-life experiences front and centre. Whether we communicate through paid, owned, earned or shared media, we always start by imagining an original live experience. Through a smart mix of media channels, we reinforce the power of live and build positive impact.

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Marjolein van
der Donck

Senior Expert Media & Campaigns

Our communication experts make sure that your marketing campaign resonates with your target audience.



We help companies and organisations engage and align employees, by designing and producing live experiences and communication campaigns throughout the entire employee journey. We aim to transform your employees into your best brand ambassadors. Our strategy experts are here to advise and support you in developing your employee brand, and in aligning this with your business objectives and customer needs.

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Our team of content developers and storytellers help brands to create, distribute and promote relevant content that people not only like and share, but that also drives engagement and sales. From striking AR/VR experiences and surprising social media content to long reads, flyers, print magazines, videos and podcasts. Whether it’s for a product or service launch, the opening of a new building, the organisation of a conference, or the promotion of brand activation.

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Marie-Julie Dellaert
Marie-Julie Dellaert Expert Content & Storytelling

Our content experts translate your information into engaging stories.

(online) EVENTS

Our event experts create engaging experiences combining the power of live with the strengths of digital. We create product launches, employee events, trade fairs, corporate seminars, inaugurations, press launches, family days, VIP events, grand openings and conferences. We handle it all, so that your live, digital or hybrid event is a memorable experience.

Our events have received (inter)national recognition. In 2019, The Oval Office was named Best World Event Agency at Bea World.

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Research shows that more than 70% of consumer loyalty and spending decisions are based on emotional factors. That’s why customers often embrace loyalty programmes that reward them in a non-traditional, experiential way. Our loyalty expertise goes a step further than offering live experiences. We’re in contact with brand communities on a daily basis, offering them personal service and communication on behalf of our clients.

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Annick Nees
Annick Nees Client Service Director

Our loyalty communication experts combine loyalty, events and marketing know-how to boost brand loyalty.

brand activation


We create activations, allowing brands to meet their audiences where they are – either online or in the field – and let them feel, taste, share and experience the brand personally. By building an emotional connection, we spark conversations and enrich people’s lives. Examples include street marketing experiences, roadshows, pop-ups, retail experiences and booth animations. Our clients rely on brand ambassadors selected and trained by The People: our in-house team that manages promo boys and girls, sales leaders, parking, warm-up acts, assembly and disassembly, and much more.

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Consumers expect technology to help them experience brands. That’s our approach to digital as part of experience-driven communication. Our digital marketers advise you on social media strategies, and implement SEO and SEA campaigns to make sure your brand content reaches and engages the target audiences. From creating and animating a Facebook page, to producing video content for YouTube, to setting up a specific Instagram account, we make sure that live experiences generate online engagement.

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Egon Buyck
Egon Buyck Content Marketeer

Our digital and social media experts make sure your brand experiences generate online reach, engagement and conversions.


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