How we turn Brand Activation into an experience

Only when you have been able to experience what a brand stands for and what a product can mean for you, can you become a fan. It's these live experiences that make the difference and inspire action.

There are emotional people. Rational people. Doubters. Dreamers. Go-getters. Sceptics. Thinkers. Doers. Wallflowers. Doomsayers. Nosy parkers. Hard workers. Layabouts. And adventurers. But they all have emotions. We trigger emotions.

We allow people to see, smell, feel and taste what we want to communicate. And this is why it hits home. Becomes an experience. And if a brand touches on an emotion, creates memories, then a relationship is sculpted. And then it makes an impact.

And this is what we want to achieve.

Road shows,Digital activations,Samplings,Tastings,Sales,Nightlife,Guerilla stunts,POS

Brand activation

We create engagement by establishing interactive face to face encounters. We turn the – often unexpected – encounter into an impactful experience. This makes the moment of contact unique, one to remember and to tell on. The synergy between concept and result ensures distinctive brand activations that are not only creative, but effective too.

We develop sponsor activations, roadshows, PR stunts, guerrilla stunts, promotions, recruitment, sampling, merchandising, mystery shopping, in-store and near-store demonstrations.

Discover our creations for: Nintendo and TK MAXX

Brand Ambassadors

Some encounters and experiences need to happen spontaneously. But we can’t leave anything down to chance. Especially if we want to create a true experience. This is why we work with well-trained and well-cast individuals. A promotion team, hosts. Professional, smart, social contact-makers. With a the right tone of voice. Our brand ambassadors bring in the human-factor that makes all the difference.