A window for advertisers

YouTube has emerged as the leading window onto the world. It’s where creators post their content and where there’s nearly nothing under the sun that image-hungry viewers can’t find. And especially for new generations, we’re talking about the go-to alternative to ‘plain old’ television. So, simple common sense: YouTube is a wildly appealing advertising medium 

The Oval Office’s assignment? Get advertisers jazzed by showing what YouTube can do for them. We co-hosted a show-stopping event with We Are Era at Rotterdam’s Maasilo in September 2022. Advertisers, agencies, creators, and the general public stopped by to celebrate and accessibly connect. But it wasn’t just about hanging out and enjoying a stunning range of performances. They also gained a wealth of knowledge about YouTube as an advertising medium. YouTube’s cultural diversity was the star of the show, but without losing sight of compelling data on the power of the medium. Visitors discovered live performances and hands-on activities by following the popular theme-based paths, like “sport” and “beauty”. Just like in real life on YouTube! Eventually, everyone wound up at the central stage for a spectacular show. But...the afterparty was still to come...


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