Excessively me Nothing can stop this partnership.

Galeries Lafayette is a reference in French department stores. Having revolutionised fashion distribution in the 19th century, they continue to be at the forefront of innovation in shopping experiences. Of course, none of this could happen without the support of their loyal customers. And so we injected new energy into the Mes Galeries Loyalty Programme with a campaign that celebrates the brand’s creative and unapologetic personality.

“Excessively Me”. With this new tagline we created a campaign that values individuality and puts the customer at the heart of everything. We spoke in the first person – that of the client – and adapted the slogan to each key moment with a fun and cheeky twist to connect customers with a brand that is as creative and uninhibited as they are. We chose eye-catching graphics and a bold, colourful brand identity that is instantly recognisable. The new loyalty programme and its launch campaign are bursting with energy, freedom and empowerment.

We connect Galeries Lafayette with fashionistas. For real.


This bold and graphic universe comes with a flair all of its own and translates across a wide range of print and media. Working closely with marketing, communication, and design, we made sure that the new Mes Galeries programme hit home on all touchpoints. 

The launch event was a powerhouse in itself, with accompanying XXL visuals, generating a massive boost across France and in all the shops. Thousands of new members subscribed across 54 store locations in the space of just two weekends.


New members enrolled in the new Loyalty Programme in just 4 days at Galeries Lafayette Haussmann.


In just a single month, the Mes Galeries programme attracted 5% more customers.