Road to Greatness

Each year Great Place To Work presents the Best Workplace Awards to recognize the best employers in the Netherlands for their achievements. This year The Oval Office did not develop a one-off event, but a content-driven campaign full of interaction and live moments; The Road to Greatness. 

Great Place to Work has been a leading expert in the field of workplace excellence, helping companies address issues such as trust and workplace satisfaction. The road to a safe and innovative workplace culture is not always easy and takes time. But intentions, hard work and the will to continuously improve make an organization successful as an employer. This was the basis for the concept of the campaign that The Oval Office was asked to develop.

'Greatness'. Everyone is capable of it. But greatness is not a goal in itself. It is a journey that is never finished. It is an ongoing process with highs and lows. Today's leaders must continuously broaden their view, make room for everyone's talent and look at other perspectives. Looking at your talent with an empathetic eye. You will encounter all this on the way to being a good employer. A valuable experience... and one that deserves to be celebrated! 

Long lasting experience

The strength of the Best Workplace Awards is that it is not a goal in itself to win an award, but that it is a recognition that motivates you as an employer to want to keep improving. In addition, it is a valuable and powerful signal to employees and helps attract new talent. That's why it's so important to make the Best Workplace Awards an impactful and long-lasting experience campaign, both live and online, for both the winning companies and Great Place to Work itself.

With a pre-campaign, meaning was given to the concept and the Best Workplaces were enthused about the journey they were on. For the real kick-off we went 'on the road'. For four days, two surprise buses and eight Great Place To Work employees drove past 40 Best Workplaces to surprise them with a fantastic party and, of course, with their award. A great moment for the entire organization and in addition it created valuable (social) content for these companies.




Inspire with real conversations

The Road to Greatness is never-ending and therefore the perfect vehicle to get the message across in the coming months. One of the ways we do this is with appealing video content. In various themed videos, CEOs engage in conversation with talents from their organization through a conversation starter game that we specially developed. These are real conversations, sometimes a bit rough. With these videos Great Place to Work inspires employers to engage with employees on topics that may not always be easy to broach, but are so important to create empathy and build a real connection.