Nicolette Vink makes a flying start as Managing Director

In Nicolette Vink, the recently merged agencies – Bureau voor Reuring and The Oval Office – have selected someone with energy, authenticity and charm to take the helm. And that’s no coincidence. These are precisely the same qualities that characterise both agencies. Nicolette comes to the role from IDTV+, and has been working diligently with her new team since November.

It’s already common knowledge that Bureau voor Reuring and The Oval Office have joined forces to become the strongest experience-driven communication agency in the Netherlands. But the person who would take on the day-to-day management of the merged office has remained a well-kept secret. Until now. 

High ambitions
Nicolette has had a diverse and exciting career so far. From project manager of major festivals and events at Mojo Concerts and MTV Networks, to Managing Director of the innovative PICNIC festival in Amsterdam, to Head of Productions at IDTV+. But the common thread in her career has always been communication of all kinds. Now, Nicolette will focus on working with the entire agency team to achieve lofty ambitions together.

Nicolette: ‘I love breaking down silos and connecting talent, expertise, languages and cultures in creative campaigns. And that’s exactly what is happening, now that Bureau voor Reuring and The Oval Office have merged. That’s why I’m so enthusiastic about coming on board. I look forward to sharing my years of experience in the fields of live, image and content with the entire team. I am convinced that with all the talent combined, we will make a lot of relevant and beautiful work.’ 

Live-expertise and know-how
Christine van Dalen, Founder of Bureau voor Reuring and Wouter Boits, CEO & Founder of The Oval Office are both delighted about their new hire. ‘Nicolette is someone who can guide and inspire the entire team with a steady hand and a warm heart, and also assist the team, hands-on, to provide the best possible service to clients and projects. In addition to her vast experience in live events, her know-how in the field of video and content marketing is of great additional value as we realise our vision.’