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If the past few years have made anything clear, it is that the world needs connection. And that's where brands can play a positive role. Never before have consumers expected as much from brands as they do now. That's why it's so important for brands to be empathetic towards customers, stakeholders and society, especially now. What challenges are they facing? How do they feel? What do they find important? An empathetic brand knows this and feels it. These empathic brands have the ability to make a positive impact on society and to retain customers. 

Our Empathy Value Index (EVI) study, conducted in collaboration with market research agency InSites Consulting, reveals four pillars that play a role in creating brand empathy. What do the Dutch find important when it comes to brand empathy? And how can brands build on this? In addition, the research shows that when people experience a brand as empathetic, they are much more likely to consider it, buy it and remain loyal. So empathy really works! 

The EVI is the first evidence-based research tool that maps the relationship between empathy and brands and provides actionable insights based on it. In the report we share some of the most interesting insights from our research, both in general and for the Netherlands in particular. 

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The 4 pillars of brand empathy

Mean it

As a brand, are you who you say you are? Are you honest? Do you deliver on promises? And are you authentic? A successful empathetic brand shows real people and tells real stories. It dares to be vulnerable and doesn't promise anything it can't deliver. Authenticity is the first step to credibility in communication. It is the basic requirement in any empathic relationship.

The 4 pillars of brand empathy

get it

As a brand, do you understand your target audience? Successful empathetic brands do extensive research and reach out to their audience to understand how they can make a difference. They listen to their stakeholders and are genuinely interested in their motives, interests and expectations. This is the key to the next level of brand empathy.

The 4 pillars of brand empathy

feel it

Do you have an emotional connection with your audience? Do you understand and show understanding of how your employees and customers really feel? Your brand must have a real connection to the world in which your target audience lives. Emotional empathy means the difference between communication that makes sense and communication that makes a real difference.

The 4 pillars of brand empathy

do it

Are you actively working to connect and create a better world? Do you put your money where your mouth is? Strong statements mean nothing if you don't act on them.... Prove your (social) added value and offer your stakeholders a real experience. This is about storydoing, more so than storytelling. This is empathy in action. 

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How empathetic is your brand?

More than 5,600 consumers ranked 200 leading brands in the Netherlands, Belgium and France on the basis of 18 statements, helping us to determine the pillars that underpin brand empathy and the building of lasting relationships. In this report, we reveal which specific brands and sectors are the most empathetic and why.  

Do you also want to know about how your brand performs on the EVI? On its own or compared to the competition? Then get in touch with us. We have developed a series of workshops that uncover the public perception of your brand. So together we can map out a strategic path to increase your brand empathy and achieve your marketing goals through experience driven communication. 

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