Destination Daylight Lightyear O

This week, many years of development came to a crescendo for Lightyear. A few weeks after the innovative Dutch brand launched the world's first production-ready solar car, The Oval Office organized ‘Destination Daylight’: an exclusive experience with the first public test-drives. 

Lightyear is no longer just an innovative concept, but a fully developed and ready-to-use product. On 9 June, Lightyear 0 was unveiled. The core technologies that make the car unique — a front-runner in efficiency — were outlined as the brand revisited their roots, mission and strategy. Lightyear contacted The Oval Office to create and organize an experience for the final development stage of the first Lightyear 0 cars, which will lead to increased trust and brand engagement. With the event, the brand wanted to write a story with the first global Lightyear 0 owners: inspiring, innovative, sustainable and aspirational. It was up to us to create and build up ‘go live’ momentum for Lightyear by showing audiences Lightyear has matured and is ready to go.

Lightyear was born at dawn and now sees the light of day

A select group of international journalists and Lightyears first buyers were invited to Destination Daylight. A special place in nature, where we celebrate daylight during a limitless experience. The public driving premiere happened in Navarra, Spain, a region renowned for its rugged natural beauty and sunny disposition. It’s a striking eco-setting worthy of the world’s first production solar car, and the adventures it makes possible.

Innovatief & duurzaam

Tijdens dit exclusieve en intieme event konden gasten in de Lightyear 0 rijden om het product en het merk echt te ervaren en de prachtige, afgelegen omgeving in zich op te nemen. Daarnaast creëerden we voor Lightyear een aantal creatieve installaties meegenomen om de bezoekers mee te nemen in de talloze innovatieve, duurzame en hightech features van deze nieuwe bolide.

Gezien het duurzame karakter van het merk stond het event in het teken van duurzaamheid. Van een plantbare uitnodiging tot een lokale en biologische catering.