The year has started off with a bang! The announcement made six months ago is now a fact: Bureau voor Reuring and The Oval Office are one office as of 1 January 2022. From this date on they will continue together under the name 'The Oval Office'. But of course, in this newly formed office, the 'reuring' will live on...

Broad, international and empathic
Bureau voor Reuring and The Oval Office have joined forces to become one, making them the strongest experience-driven communication agency in the Netherlands. The growth isn’t just about greater volume, more than anything it’s about the new vision: the agency that really connects through the power of empathy.

The now thirty-strong team unites all the expertise that can be expected from a full-service communication agency today: a mix of live, digital, content, social and media. Pulling together enables major upscaling. And what’s more, not only in the Netherlands, but through the branches in Belgium and France, the same strong work can be carried out, without any hurdles caused by language and cultural boundaries.

The agency has carved a niche for itself by putting events and activations at the heart of its campaigns and in doing so, it strives for a real connection between brands and their audience. Great brands such as Randstad, Google, Bol.com, Nintendo, NN and Snapchat have been finding their way to them for years. It’s no coincidence either that they’re all dynamic brands – highly active and always one step ahead of the market. The agency is now even better able to serve this type of client thanks to a broader expertise, its international network and its unique methodology based on the power of empathy.

The Oval Office – an office with 'reuring'
In the Netherlands, the position of Managing Director has been filled since November by Nicolette Vink, former Head of Productions at IDTV+. "I’m convinced that all this talent we’ve combined, will enable us to create and deliver even more fabulous and relevant work than before. I hope that with my many years of experience in both live and digital content, I’ll be able to contribute to the development and ambitions of the agency." Nicolette can count on a strong Management Team, 3 powerful women who have each been valuable foundations in both agencies for years: Lotte Barends, Lot Aler-Verbij and Patricia Vergeer.

Bureau voor Reuring’s founder Christine van Dalen will take on the role of Chief Knowledge Officer in the new organisation. An unusual title that stands for a crucial role: "In the past 15 years I've surrounded myself with creative minds and smart colleagues with a kind heart. With beautiful work and strong relationships as a result. The team has grown twice as big and is an international player. I am looking forward to helping the Officers in this next phase, and I couldn’t be more proud.”

Since September, the entire team has been based in the office in the Diamantfabriek on the Tolstraat, in the heart of Amsterdam. From now on there will be just one name on the nameplate: The Oval Office. But the 'reuring' will live on!


The managementteam of The Oval Office: Nicolette Vink, Lot Aler, Patricia Vergeer and Lotte Barends.