More impact with experience for employee engagement

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Employee engagement is at the top of the agenda again with HR and internal communications departments. The so-called ‘war for talent’ makes organizations realize that recruiting talent in a labor market where unemployment is at a historical low, is like searching for a needle in a haystack. Not impossible, but it can take a while (or a lifetime).


Although employee engagement should always be on the agenda to retain and involve employees, it is clear that employee engagement programs and activities are on the rise. Investing in employee engagement is not only important to retain talent, but also to make sure they are more involved with company strategy, values and culture. It is like becoming part of a family you feel committed to, like the in-laws (for most of us).

This is where experience steps in

However, this is easier said than done. The amount of messages we get and attention that is being asked of us is increasing every day. Work is becoming more demanding. Highly relevant communication is probably the most important requirement for even starting a sustainable dialogue. But considering the available time we have it should also be easy to digest, snackable (in bits and pieces), accessible (any time, any place) and fun to participate in. This is where experience steps in.

Emotion is a powerful player

Experience is an excellent way to not only touch employees in the mind but also in the heart. With experience comes emotion. In your long-term memory, emotion is a powerful player. By working with compelling stories, creating interactive online and offline experience combined with emotional impact, content will be more sustainable. Recent research by the Radboud University showed that information with an emotional aspect to it, is stored differently in our brains and therefore will be remembered more clearly than information that doesn’t have an emotional impact. The latter wears off easily and is replaced by other information, unlike content with an emotional component. Even after a long time we can still bring back this content and even relive it in a more detailed way.

Therefore there is a real power to experience when it comes to employee engagement.

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